Labrador Pictures is a motion picture production company located in Santa Barbara, California, founded in 2003 by Jeff Arch, David Shor, Dave Barry and Robert Schwartz. Labrador Pictures was formed with the initial purpose of turning “Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys” into a feature motion picture. Other movies will follow.

Labrador Pictures is:
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3905 State Street
Santa Barbara, California 93105

Telephone: (805) 682-9650
Fax: (805) 964-7824
David Shor - Executive Producer / Producer
David has an extensive background in management, consulting and finance. He has served as the managing director of the Shor Group of Companies for over 20 years, serving startup clients as well as Fortune 500 companies, in numerous industries in the United States, Western Europe and the Middle East. He provides leadership and management skills in the health care and insurance industries, telecommunications, defense, information technology, financial services, consumer products, alternative materials, advertising and entertainment. In his capacity as advisor / consultant to emerging entrepreneurs, David has helped guide and navigate the products and careers of clients as diverse as organic cotton farmers, producers of alternative feminine hygiene products, multi-national insurance underwriters & brokers, internet service providers, advertising & public relations firms, medical device manufacturers, inventors and performers. David's business advisory clients in the entertainment industry include screenwriters, producers, directors and performers across the spectrum of the entertainment industry - from major showroom acts in Las Vegas, to world-renowned "cirque" performers, to movie production, to screenwriters, to event productions. David has raised and managed tens of millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.